Houston, TX – August 19, 2018 – The Houston Auto Body Association (HABA) has completed an Independent Labor Rate Survey in the metro Houston market.  The Independent Study was conducted by Customer Research Inc.

“Proper labor rate pricing is crucial for body shops to sustain long-term growth and prosperity,” said John Kopriva, President of HABA. “Our labor rate study is just one tool we give our members to help them survive a changing auto body repair landscape.”

According to the HABA study, the median body labor rate is $50.01, 2% more than the 2017 national average auto body labor rate reported in CCC’s Crash Course (2018, March 7). Paint labor rates increased 4% to an average of $50.23 per hour, 3% more than the 2017 national average. Paint materials averaged $36.13 per hour, 19% higher than the $29.09 national average reported by CCC.

Frame labor rates are an average of $66.44 in Houston per the HABA Study, nearly $10.00 more than the national average of $56.52. Aluminum rates increased 14% for Houston area shops vs. HABA’s 2016 study, to an average of $90.96 per hour.

The median mechanical labor rate for Houston shops is $106.55 per hour, a 13% increase over HABA’s 2016 Labor Rate Survey, and 20% more than the 2017 national average.

The study also examined labor rate differences between dealer and independent body shops, administrative fees charged to insurance carriers, and the average LKQ markup. Visit http://www.habaonline.org/ to download a copy of the 2018 Metro Houston Labor Rate Study.

“The rocketing growth of high technology in vehicles is driving up the cost and the length of repairs in Houston and across the US,” said Kopriva, “It’s critical that HABA members labor rates reflect the increased complexity of repairing today’s vehicles.”