Thank you to all Houston Auto Body Association Members! It’s been an exciting year for our organization. Many times, when you invest in association membership, you’re not always sure what the benefits are. I’m excited to share with you that your past financial support has helped to facilitate the following results:

  • Two meetings with the Tracy Law Firm in Dallas, Texas.
  • Three meetings with the Texas Department of Insurance/TDI Director Mark Eingfelt in Austin, Texas
  • Fort Worth meeting with State Senator Kelly Hancock to seek support for the upcoming legislative session
  • Hired an IT specialist to assist with website development, HABA event announcements, and event coordination
  • Joined ABAT in gaining legislative support from State Rep. Travis Clardy who introduced our bill HB 1348 on the House Floor, introduced HB1348 in Insurance Committee
  • Two meetings with Houston Police Department – Lt. David Sauer standing in resistance to unnecessary City Ordinances that would have impacted wrecker/body shops for more $$$
  • Held training meetings for HABA members with Sherwin-Williams and PPG.
  • Hosted 2018 and 2019 HABA member appreciation events at Jackson St. BBQ, No cost to members, guest & sponsors. Created and handed out awards to recognize our Sponsors.
  • Sponsored Fall Conference – Wyndham Hotel, speakers – Tim Ronak, Mike Anderson, Todd Tracy and Greg Griffith hosting 100+ members, no cost to participants, including food.
  • Hosted December Sponsor Appreciation Event – Sienna Plantation, BBQ, beverages no cost to participants and guests
  • Joined forces with Texas Watch – Ware Wendell, Executive Director/Attorney Austin, Texas: a consumer Advocacy group producing video’s on “Safety”, Correct Repairs, etc. Mr. Wendell is also very active in Austin. HABA has contributed $12,000 to produce Training & Safety videos for TV & HABA website
  • Hired Jacob Smith Austin Lobbyist to work for HABA, ABAT, Beaumont Auto Assoc for the next two years.
  • Traveled to State Capital three times, 1st.- February 6th – distributed printed materials announcing “Collision Day at the Capital”, visited all House and Senate offices promoting “Safety before Profitability” HB 1348.
  • 2nd trip to Capital – 125 Collision members joined forces for “Collision Day” to support HB 1348.  Recognized on House and Senate floors presented by Rep. Travis Clardy.
  • 3rd Trip back to Austin, April 9th – Testified on HB 1348 before Insurance Committee along with ABAT, Beaumont group, with Marcy Seebachan, Todd Tracy and Texas Watch.
  • Traveled to Henderson, Texas by flatbed wrecker, loaded Seebachan Honda, delivered to Capital Campus for Collision Day after receiving permission from Capital security.
  • Held televised rally (shown on local TV in Austin) at the vehicle to gain support for the coming day to Testify.
  • HB 1348 voted to Calendars with a 6 to 1 approval. Arrived @ 7:30 am., day ended at Capital 7:45 pm.

I tell you all of this, so you can see we have been very busy, and all of this work was achieved by HABA members giving of their own personal time. I am proud of the achievements our group has made. We will continue to push ahead making a difference, but it takes financial support. We appreciate all of those who join us in improving our industry, but we still have a long way to go.

I personally, along with our Board, would like to say” Thank you” for your past support and hopefully future support.