Hello HABA Members and Supporters! Below are a few examples of emails and messaging Texas Watch has created for us to send out to our contacts. Feel free to cut and paste, use whatever you like. 


There is a safety crisis in our state that threatens every Texan.

Many insurance companies are dictating unsafe auto repairs in pursuit of profit. Because of pressure from the insurance industry, manufacturer safety procedures are being ignored and inferior parts are being used in major repairs. 

Shortcuts cost lives so we are standing up and banding together to push for safety reforms this session.  

We need immediate changes to our insurance laws to protect the public from this safety crisis. HB 1348 by Rep. Travis Clardy would protect us by ensuring quality parts are used to make quality repairs at a quality shop of your choice. 

Please take a few seconds to sign this petition to tell your lawmaker to support HB 1348 and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

There is Strength in Numbers. Your legislators work for YOU so please make your voice heard by taking action right now. It only takes a few seconds to protect yourself and your family by sending a quick email to your lawmakers.  

Learn more by watching Texas Watch’s video series: Safe Repairs Save Lives. 

Nothing is more important than your family’s safety.


All Texans deserve safe repairs after their vehicles are damaged — because safe repairs save lives. Please support HB 1348 by Rep. Clardy, which would protect Texas families on our roads. It only takes seconds to take action by signing this petition. 

Too often, the insurance industry pressures repair facilities to cut corners to keep repair costs down. But everything has a cost, and unsafe repairs may end up costing the life of you or your loved ones.

HB 1348 would ensure quality auto parts are used to make quality repairs that follow accepted safety standards. And it would prevent insurance companies from steering people to their “preferred” body shops. All Texans should have the right to take their vehicle to the body shop of their choice, free from intimidation or coercion from the for-profit insurance industry.

Our cars and trucks are some of the biggest purchases we make as families and business owners. We count on our vehicles to protect us day in and day out. When disaster strikes, insurance companies need to focus on paying claims in full and on time. They should not be dictating unsafe repairs and playing games to pad their bottom line. There are no shortcuts to safety. Texas needs to take a stand against these dangerous insurance schemes — the time is now.

Please contact your legislator now to tell them to support HB 1348!